Gestapo prison

Kortumstraße 46, 45130 Essen | 51.436581, 6.999789‎ | +51° 26′ 11.69″, +6° 59′ 59.24″

From the mid-1930’s onward, Essen’s Gestapo was accommodated in this building. Even before, this building was used as a prison. The Nazi’s political opponents and foes were arrested here. Numerous antifascists, Jews, people sentenced to hard labour and prisoners of war were detained and mistreated here. For many of them, the Kortumstraße already pointed to the concentration camps which were established from 1933 onward by the Nazis in order to control and (later on) eradicate their enemies.

The terror against dissidents is central to rogue regimes. The Gestapo tried to spread an atmosphere of fear within the population, aiming for suppress potential resistance. The Gestapo was the secret police of the Nazi regime. In most bigger cities, this organisation ran prisons where its members intimidated the opponents of the Nazi reign, trying to break their will by means of torture and devastating conditions. The Gestapo was founded in 1933 by Hermann Göring. In 1934, it melted together with the SS (Schutzstaffel, translated literally: echelon of protection), which organized the concentration camps. In these camps, the Nazis killed millions of people, especially in the years of war since 1939. Within the camps, even medical experiments were carried out at the inmates‘ expense. In addition, forced labour occured in a huge amount.

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